• Kitty Feet Socks

    Skirt & Satchel | Bloomington, IN

    Kitty Feet Socks

    Crew socks with a kitten face and body, each color being a different type of cat. These socks are lightweight and a comfortable fit. Rock the Kitten Feet socks and be the coolest cat on the job, or at home.  Items labeled Skirt & Satchel brand...

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  • Spring/Summer Maxi Dress at Skirt & Satchel

    MAI TAI | Los Angeles

    Lemonade Convertible Maxi Dress + Duster

    One of the best characteristics a garment could have, is to be versatile. The Lemonade Dress could be worn as a maxi dress or unbutton it and wear it as a duster over another outfit. For a stylized look we like to wear it unbuttoned over our Vacay Dress...

    Was: $48.00
    Now: $19.99
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