• Beauty Sponges at Skirt & Satchel

    Skirt & Satchel | Bloomington, IN

    Lovely Beauty Sponge

    A lovely blending sponge for lovely people. This beauty sponge makes putting makeup on easy. Add this Lovely Beauty Sponge to your daily makeup routine.  Items labeled Skirt & Satchel brand are special collection merchandise carried by Skirt...

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  • Beauty Sponge and Holder at Skirt & Satchel

    Skirt & Satchel | Bloomington, IN

    Mr. Blendy

    Angled beauty blender sponge that comes with its own matching holder. The holder is convenient for you to keep your sponge separate from your other beauty products. Add the Mr. Blendy to your beauty routine today.  Items labeled Skirt & Satchel...

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    Now: $4.99
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  • Sasamat Sunrise Soap

    Sasamat Sunrise Soap

    An exquisite blend of floral Geranium and sweet grassy Palmarosa, Sasamat Sunrise calms and restores. The silky lathers leave your complexion rose petals soft. Take this bar into your shower and come out feeling beautiful.No fillers. No fluffs. Just...

    $7.00 - $10.00
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