Right to Bear Arms

Posted by Danielle LaTourette on Aug 30th 2018

Working retail for as long as I have, I’ve heard women calling their arms anything from “bat wings” to “bingo arms”. It’s hard to enjoy the warm, summer weather when you’re bogged down by all the la … read more

We're not like other boutiques. And that's a good thing.

Posted by Andy McManis on Aug 16th 2018

This post is for the plus size ladies out there. Have you ever walked around in a downtown area and wish the cute little boutiques carried your size?That you could walk in, see an outfit, and find th … read more

The 3 Handbags You Need in Your Life

Posted by Elizabeth Gilingham on Jul 31st 2018

Accessories: some people love them and can’t get enough, and others stick to an everyday purse, necklace, earrings or whatever it may be that they know and love. One thing is for sure though, when i … read more

Pencil Skirt Empowerment

Posted by Danielle LaTourette on Jul 28th 2018

Being a woman of size, there are several items of clothing that I'm told aren't appropriate for my body type.*The pencil skirt* Skirt & Satchel stylist, Danielle, is feeling confident and … read more

Skirt & Satchel Boutique Ribbon Cutting

Posted by Andy McManis on Jul 27th 2018

I'll preface this with saying this ribbon cutting almost didn't happen. You know how they say a woman can get enough adrenaline to lift a car? Well, I couldn't muster up enough adrenaline to cut the r … read more