​3 Ways to Get More Representation in Fashion

Posted by Christa Szilagyi on Feb 19th 2018

In the wild world of fashion and beauty women have had to fight for their figures to be seen. So many brands make it almost impossible to see yourself in their clothes simply because none of the models look anything like you. Do you ever feel like your body type is being underrepresented in the fashion industry? There are a few things you can do to ensure that your voice is heard and your figure is represented.

1.Communicate : Don’t be afraid to reach out to fashion brands. With the various forms of communication available today, interacting with the brand and letting them know that you feel underrepresented can be done in whatever way you feel comfortable. Shoot an e-mail! Find them on social media and message them on Facebook or slide into those Instagram DM’s. Try tagging the brand in a post that shows what you would like to see on their site. The first step to being seen… is being heard. Your opinion matters and you should share it!

2.Shop-shopping : Look for other brands! If you feel like your being underrepresented and the brand doesn’t seem to be making an effort to include your interests, then so be it. Shop around… for more places to shop. With the wonders of the world wide web, you can make purchases from anywhere in the world while still sitting on your couch. There are so many dynamic brands out there just waiting to be discovered. Find a brand that reflects your body’s beautiful.

3.Social Media Specials : Instagram has quickly become one of the best business tools and it is even estimated that over 70% of US businesses are using the site. With contests and giveaways businesses are able to spread brand awareness and access a much wider customer base. That’s you! One of the most interactive aspects of Instagram is the #hashtag and there is plenty of room for creativity. Skirt & Satchel is currently running a hashtag contest for this year’s model call. The top 9 posts on Instagram that use the hashtag #SSMODEL18 will be featured on our product tags. Tired of seeing the same looking models? Skirt & Satchel encourages you to become a model yourself! This contest allows for Skirt & Satchel to stay connected with customers that are unable to make it in-store. Inclusivity is important to you therefore it is important to us. So get interactive on Instagram with your favorite brands and send them some of your ideas.

So start with an e-mail and if you’re feeling really motivated make a modeling career for yourself. Why not? When you’re shopping online and you see models that don’t look like you, become the model. Find a way to make your figure seen, you deserve representation and these are just three simple ways to get the exposure you need.