​7 Things to Get Out of Your Closet

Posted by Jennifer Fultz on Apr 10th 2018

It doesn't have to be spring to get your spring cleaning on. We are all about starting your best life now, and that includes dressing the part.  If your closet gives you hives or just doesn’t get you excited, we’ve created a Professional Wardrobe Checklist and a 3-Day Wardrobe Challenge to help you refine your style.

In the meantime, we’ve taken the guesswork out and picked 7 things from your closet that you can get rid of today.

  1. College t-shirts: If you did anything in college besides study (or party...no judgment!), you probably have a dozen t-shirts promoting fundraiser volleyball tournaments, Pedro for Student Body President, or the underwater basket weaving club. It’s time for them to go: you probably can’t wear them to work, they’re not all that high quality, and the events and organizations they represent aren’t really part of your life anymore. You can donate tees in good condition to a shelter, repurpose holey ones as cleaning rags, or turn truly sentimental ones into a quilt or some cool throw pillows if you’re crafty. Replace these with some solid, comfy tees that are great for lounging and can be worn to work.
  2. Your prom dress: High school is over, honey. You’re on to bigger and better things! Your senior prom can live on in cringey photos and/or the treasured recesses of your heart, but it’s time to let the dress go. Find the nearest chapter of Becca’s Closet to pass your gown on to another grateful prom girl. (Or, if it’s been *too many* seasons since your prom, donate it to a high school theater department for their costume closet.) Same goes for those 27 bridesmaid’s dresses...no matter what your BFF insists, you’re never gonna wear that satin tea-length gown again. Replace it with a timeless lace dress or fresh floral skirt.
  3. Graduation gown: This shouldn’t even need an explanation. You got the diploma, let the gown go. Offer it for resale to students at your alma mater, and treat yourself to some grown-up work clothes instead.
  4. Ex-boyfriend hoodies: It doesn’t matter how comfy it is...that thing is full of bad energy! Dump the Hollister sweatshirt, and anything else that’s left over from former partners or roommates. Burn them if you want to, or send them to be recycled into something better for the universe than that guy. Try a soft, slouchy sweater in a sophisticated gray instead.
  5. Ratty unmentionables: Ill-fitting bras, worn-out undies, or orphan socks...you deserve so much better than that. Send them to recycling and treat yourself to some new foundation pieces that will elevate your entire wardrobe. Look for local lingerie shops that might offer fitting services.
  6. “Someday” jeans: We’ve all got a pair of jeans or a dress that we’re saving for “someday.” If it doesn’t fit your body or your lifestyle, let it go. Chances are everytime you look at it, you feel less than excited for your current life. Those jeans don’t own you. Stop waiting for someday, dear, and dress for the wonderful woman in the mirror. Wear it now, or replace it with something you can wear today (and every day).
  7. “If only” clothes: If only this shirt were a slightly different color...if only these pants had pockets...if only this necklace were a little longer. If you’ve got if-only’s taking up space in your closet and your life, stop waiting for them to magically change on their own. Either find a tailor and get them altered, or let them go to a loving home. Organize a sip at swap with your gal pals to get some new style options, and then sell or donate the rest.

Creating a mindful wardrobe starts with seeing what’s there. By letting go of things that don’t fit your body or your lifestyle anymore, you make space for the things you want. Sign up for the full Refine Your Style Challenge below and get a free wardrobe checklist and other styling tips. Better yet, join with a friend so you don’t slip back into your old ways. We’re really excited for you to love your wardrobe and let go of what’s holding you back. 

Feeling motivated? keep it going with this:  Free Wardrobe Challenge