Ready to Work Guide: Dressing for your Office

Posted by Christa Szilagyi on Mar 21st 2018

What to Wear to Werk

The young professional entering into employment is often times faced with the struggles of finding their style somewhere in-between the confinements of a strict dress code. While not willing to compromise personal flare or fashion, the young professional needs to be able to find the perfect balance for a style that stays true to themselves and also suits the needs of superiors. So many companies expect their employees to “check their personality at the door” and conform to the image that they aspire to uphold, but what about your image?

All young professionals are working to make a name for themselves and maintaining personal style in the work place will help in doing so. In an attempt to bring some unique insight to the topic we spoke with Zerina and Meghan, both young females in very different employment fields, to find out exactly what they thought about their work wardrobes. Zerina has been working for a corporate finance office for just about a year now and Meghan is part of a tech startup so let’s take a look at what these two ladies had to say about their workplace styles.

Professional Office Style: Zerina and her Finance Firm Wardrobe

Zerina Selfie

When asked to describe their workplace dress code, Zerina explains that in the finance spectrum things are considered to be more so on the conservative side and she says, “I think as a woman, choosing the right clothes can be difficult because we have to ensure that we aren’t inappropriate. I don’t think men have to think that as often as we do.” This is important because the reality is that the finance spectrum is full of men, and being the only - or one of few - females in an employment office can be intimidating. Because of this Zerina, who also happens to be the youngest person in the office, stated that she had a difficult time finding clothes when she first started. “My mindset was that I didn’t just want to be like the guys, throw a suit on and call it a day,” she recalls, “I like to wear colorful blouses or a simple tank top with a cardigan to spunk up my outfit.” Zerina’s advice for anyone interviewing or starting at an office like hers is to prepare a bunch of basics and she thinks that starting simple is key. Even still, Zerina says when she rocks a neutral outfit she likes to do either a bold lip or wear some statement earrings. Finding even the smallest of accessories can add the perfect amount of personality to your work wardrobe.

Tech Office Style: Meghan and her Start-up Style

Meghan Work Outfit

Meghan is currently employed at a tech startup but speaks about how she once worked in an office much like Zerina’s. The tech industry has a reputation for a much more casual attire and Meghan says that in her current role there is no need to be anything but comfortable. “Showing up at a conference or meeting wearing a suit might actually inspire mistrust in our company and would definitely hurt our image as a ‘cool tech startup,’” so when asked what her favorite go-to work outfit was she explained that she simply wears some variation of the typical t-shirt and jeans tech uniform. Meghan jokes that “ties may actually be forbidden” and in order to add some flare to her work wardrobe she usually pairs an outfit with a sweater, scarf, or longer necklace. We also asked Meghan what she thought about being one of only a few females in the tech industry and her response, “My experience so far has been very positive but women being a part of that growth is key to building an inclusive tech community, so I encourage other women to get involved.”

Creative Work Style: Christa and her Fashion Career Favorites

Christa's Modern Creative Style

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Man – or better yet woman – Zerina and Meghan both have such wonderful insights into the finance and tech world but I’m not in either field,” you might be interested to hear from one of Skirt & Satchel’s very own. Christa was recently hired on to help with events and content creation for the boutique in which she is given full work wardrobe freedom. Andy McManis, the store owner, encourages Christa and the rest of the team to have fun with their worktime outfits in hopes to help inspire shoppers. Christa says, “In order to be confident in your outfits you have to be confident in yourself,” and her biggest tip for anyone working in a creative position is to take risks! “When I get dressed for anything I try for something new,” Christa says she doesn’t have a go-to outfit because she is always striving to produce a pair-up that portrays her particular goals for the day. “If I am feeling particularly motivated any sort of heel puts that extra pep in my step because let’s face it they can sometimes be a pain but because of this I feel like every step I make is more intentional.” Christa does feel that comfort is very important however and says that falling in love with your body will make all your clothes fit a little bit better, “Find clothes that fit both your style and your size, if my jeans are too tight I’m uptight.”

Finding Your Style: Resources

Still not sure on what you need to work into your wardrobe or looking to reset your closet and find your style? Take the 3 Day Wardrobe Challenge and get a checklist to make sure you have the essentials to build a wardrobe that works for you. Get your free wardrobe checklist

So take it from these three, whatever your work find things that you love to wear. Whether it be your favorite heel, or the bright blue lipstick, being true to you will undoubtedly shine through. Wonderful things will happen when you have fun with your fashion. The Skirt & Satchel team does our best to supply the young professional with wardrobe pieces that #werk for both work and fun. It is important for the brand to bring designs that both you and your boss will love, so what are you waiting for? Get to Werk.