​7 Things to Get Out of Your Closet

Posted by Jennifer Fultz on Apr 10th 2018

It doesn't have to be spring to get your spring cleaning on. We are all about starting your best life now, and that includes dressing the part.  If your closet gives you hives or just doesn’t … read more

Our Official Spring Fashion Show Shopping Guide

Posted by Christa Szilagyi on Mar 21st 2018

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Ready to Work Guide: Dressing for your Office

Posted by Christa Szilagyi on Mar 21st 2018

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​3 Ways to Get More Representation in Fashion

Posted by Christa Szilagyi on Feb 19th 2018

In the wild world of fashion and beauty women have had to fight for their figures to be seen. So many brands make it almost impossible to see yourself in their clothes simply because none of the model … read more