Pencil Skirt Empowerment

Posted by Danielle LaTourette on Jul 28th 2018

Being a woman of size, there are several items of clothing that I'm told aren't appropriate for my body type.*The pencil skirt* Skirt & Satchel stylist, Danielle, is feeling confident and … read more

Skirt & Satchel Boutique Ribbon Cutting

Posted by Andy McManis on Jul 27th 2018

I'll preface this with saying this ribbon cutting almost didn't happen. You know how they say a woman can get enough adrenaline to lift a car? Well, I couldn't muster up enough adrenaline to cut the r … read more
Skirt & Satchel Goes National

Skirt & Satchel Goes National

Posted by Elizabeth Gillingham on Jun 28th 2018

Sharing the Skirt & Satchel Experience Across the Country*July Update* Skirt & Satchel made it to the sunshine state, thanks to Jen in Florida! *June Update* Holly received her package th … read more
3 Presentation Outfits that Pop

3 Presentation Outfits that Pop

Posted by Elizabeth Gillingham on Jun 20th 2018

3 Presentation Outfits that POPHard work and a friendly face will always help you make an impression, but when it comes time to make a presentation, you need an outfit that says, “I mean business”, … read more

​7 Things to Get Out of Your Closet

Posted by Jennifer Fultz on Apr 10th 2018

It doesn't have to be spring to get your spring cleaning on. We are all about starting your best life now, and that includes dressing the part.  If your closet gives you hives or just doesn’t … read more